Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, refers to techniques that are used to increase your search engine rankings. In the same process, higher search engine results in more traffic, sales and revenue. It’s important to note that SEO is a long-term solution that should be carefully planned and researched. When used correctly, SEO can be used to develop your websites, webpages, blogs and landing pages.

SEO Results

SEO Techniques

SEO techniques refer to specific techniques that are used for search engine optimization purposes. There’s multiple SEO techniques that can are used to increase search engine rankings, such as metadata, keyword research, link building and content management. Using multiple search engine optimization techniques can ensure that your websites and webpages rank quickly and high as possible.

Ranking First Page On Google

Ranking First On Google

Most people know that Google is the king of all search engines. Ranking on the first page of Google is extremely valuable, so valuable that companies are spending millions of dollars on ads to rank at the top of the giant search engine. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google and I mean everyone. The competition to rank high traffic keywords is fierce. While you can do everything right in terms of SEO, what your competition does is equally important. Monitoring your competition is a crucial aspect of search engine optimization and one that can give you the edge over your competition.

SEO Planning

Search engine optimization should be planned for a long-term duration. Many people don’t realize the effort and time that goes into ranking on first pages of Google. It takes careful planning, an effective plan, content and hundreds of SEO techniques. Most important, it takes an SEO company that is experienced and one that gets results. At Hale Associations, we know search engine optimization and exactly what it takes to rank high.

SEO Case Studies From Hale Associations

Search Engine Optimization Results

Search engine optimization is a process that takes time and every case is different. You can never treat two SEO projects the same, it doesn’t matter if the niche is related or not. In the SEO case study above, we were able to help the client increase traffic by nearly 150 percent over the course of a month. We did write a few articles for the client but all the growth was simply brought on by optimizing 3 old articles.

This SEO case study shows you the potential of going back through your old content and bringing in new visitors to your website. We’re using the same technique for this project and I’ll be sure to keep you posted. It’s not the first time, this is a common SEO technique that we use. If your website has a lot of articles and pages, going through your content can produce big results like we saw with this client.

SEO Is A Never-Ending Process

Every website, webpage, blog and static page needs SEO to compete against others for search engine rankings. At Hale Web Development, we provide a multitude of SEO services to help you rank higher in all the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. We offer free evaluations to all new clients and offer 24/7 customer support.

Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization is a process that takes a lot of effort, careful planning, constant analytics and time. As much as I want to tell you exactly what you need, each SEO project is different. One of the first things we do at Hale Web Development is a full evaluation of your current search engine optimization statistics. We want to know where you stand and what you need to start ranking your keywords higher. The SEO evaluation will be performed both on-site and off-site.

Local SEO

For companies that offer local services and products, local SEO can help your business compete against your competition. Google has made recent changes that work in favor of local companies in search engine queries. Local citations are an important process for anyone wanting to rank for local keywords. We’ll help you build your local SEO rankings and optimize your website for the best performance possible.

On-Site SEO

During the search engine optimization evaluation, we’ll first take a look at your website or blog. There’s a number of different things that we’ll look for. We’ll take the time to evaluate your content, internal linking, metadata, sitemap, headings, keywords, titles, permalinks and everything else that can affect your SEO rankings. We’ll discuss your specific needs and determine a SEO plan based on your on-page needs.

Off-Site SEO

Just like on-site SEO is important to your SEO rankings, off-site SEO factors also play a vital role in your rankings. The biggest off-site SEO factor is going to be your links. With Hale Web Development, we’ll be using some great SEO software to determine the quality of your links and how those links are affecting your website. We’ll determine link values and we’ll plan accordingly to the results that we find. Another element we’ll check is anchor links. We want to make sure your link profile is diverse and where Google wants it to be.

Keyword Research

Once we know where your website stands on-site and off-site, we’ll be able to start researching keywords and applying changes as needed. Again, every project is different and this process will be determined by your evaluation. If your an established website, chances are, you already have your keywords chosen. I just want to give you an example of the process we do for finding keywords that will benefit your website.

Content Marketing

Content is still a vital solution to SEO rankings and we’re going to suggest content. If you already have a massive database of content, we’ll likely go through this content to optimize it rather then writing new content. If your a start-up website or you don’t have much content, we’ll likely suggest it. We do provide SEO writing with our SEO services. Content marketing is very effective and often leads to high conversions through organic traffic.

Link Building

Links are a crucial SEO ranking factor. Some believe it’s more important then content. Everyone has an opinion on this. I do know this much, links count big with SEO. Link building is a sensitive subject and I would consider one of the most difficult SEO techniques. There’s several ways to build links to your website. Not just any link, you want quality links pointing to your website. One of the best ways to build links to your website is by creating high quality content that others will link to. Networking is another great way.


Metadata is important to SEO also. Metadata also serves another purpose, increasing your CTR, or click-through rate. Descriptive metadata can lead to more people clicking on your website when it appears in Google and other search engines. You also want your metadata to include your keyword(s) for SEO purposes. Search engines read this metadata and without it, you can lose big on SEO rankings.

Social Media

Social media and SEO work together to increase keyword rankings. Social signals are known to be a SEO ranking factor. Social signals do influence where your keywords will rank. The more engagement you can create on landing pages, the more rankings you can see. This is why every page you own should be optimized with social media sharing buttons so users can easily share your content.


Yes, search engine optimization is a long-term solution for your business. It’s an investment that takes time to see ROI. Although this is true, you can see immediate results with SEO. We know through case studies and our own experience, organic traffic is one of the top converting traffic sources. There’s only one way to get organic traffic, it’s called SEO.

With more than a decade of SEO experience, our SEO experts can help you develop strategies based on your current needs. A complete SEO evaluation will determine everything you need to create a successful SEO campaign. We don’t follow preset plans because everyone has different SEO needs. Due to this, we build custom plans to ensure we maximize your budget and increase your return on investment.