Social Media Marketing-SMM Tools For Twitter

Social Media Marketing-SMM Tools For Twitter

Twitter ToolsOptimizing Your Twitter Accounts

As social media marketing becomes more of a ranking factor in search engines, it’s becoming more important to have good social media metrics for search engine optimization purposes. Most of you probably already know about popular social media websites. More then likely, you already have a Facebook account, Twitter account or a YouTube account. If you don’t, take the time to get your accounts started and you can always come back to learn about social media marketing.

Today, we’re going to take a look at social media marketing on Twitter. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. At the time of this article, Twitter has around 255 million active users. Not as much as Facebook but 255 million users is not that bad. Rather, 255 million equals opportunity.

There’s a number of different social media marketing techniques you can use to optimize your Twitter platform for your business. From hashtags to eye-catching tweets, you should take the time to see how Twitter can work for you and your business. I’ll teach you that in a later article.

For now, lets talk about a great tool for Twitter known as FollowerWonk. FollowerWonk is an awesome Twitter tool that you can use to evaluate data in a number of different ways. One social media marketing technique used for Twitter is following other Twitter accounts in your niche. Real quickly, why is this important? This allows you to follow and learn from leading names in your niche. It even opens the doors to possibly having an authority Twitter account follow you back and share your tweets. With FollowerWonk, you can search your keywords and you can find authority accounts in your niche.

You can do a lot with this Twitter tool and it doesn’t cost much. You’ll also be able to use this tool to look up the authority of Twitter users, you’ll know how much their Twitter account is valued. Following authority accounts can increase your own authority. Remember, just like a website has authority and value, your social channels do as well. Many fail to realize this. Your social channel can gain value, domain authority and other important metrics.

Below, you’ll find my review on FollowWonk. For the record, I’m not affiliated with this tool or the developer. This is just my honest review on this SMM tool. I made this video a few months ago. I go over all the different features in the video. My conclusion, this is a good Twitter tool that will benefit you, well worth the small cost.

Social Media Marketing-Marketing With Twitter

Social Media Marketing-Marketing With Twitter

Marketing-On-TwitterMastering Twitter

As social media marketing continues to grow and major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter gradually stand alone, it’s crucial to know how you can use SMM effectively to promote your business on the largest social networks in the world. Social media marketing has become a powerful marketing tool that millions use today on a regular basis. Today, we take a closer look at Twitter and how to develop a social media marketing based around this very social platform.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites in the world. The success of Twitter is marked by the company’s IPO last year, its continued growth and the power of the Twitter platform. Twitter was original, unlike no other social community at the time it was launched in 2006. Today, Twitter has million of users and that equals opportunity for your business.

As of April 30th, Twitter has 255 million active users. Many companies have invested a lot of time, money and effort marketing on Twitter and with good results. Every company has that same opportunity but you need to have a social media marketing plan to ensure your ROI, outsourced or not. Below, we’ll explain how your company can prevail on one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

The Importance Of Your Twitter Profile

Many companies fail to realize the importance of your profile but studies have shown that interactive profiles are a crucial element from the get go. When someone comes across your name via search, your profile is the first thing they will see. Your Twitter profile should stand out among the crowd in a good way. Boring profiles with unattractive and uninviting images could doom your Twitter account from the beginning.

First, make sure your Twitter profile is built with relative pictures that are interactive and attractive. Make sure you write descriptive sentences about your business, it should be detailed as much as possible. Consider using a collage. Twitter recently updated their design and it gives your profile picture more expression, so make I work in your favor.

Properly Using Creative Hashtags

Hashtags are an important element to Twitter. Hashtags are plentiful, equal to the millions of tweets that are sent out daily. Hashtags categorize conversations into groups, a technique that is important to any social media marketing campaign. The key is finding what hashtags to use. This will depend on your business of course but I’ll give you an example. If you are a retailer, hashtags such as #retail and #shopping are going to be hashtags your company would use. Hashtag your products, ideas and services. You should always make sure that your hashtags are relative to your tweets.

Hashtags can also be used to find specific conversations, to see if others are discussing your business. This can be used for marketing, lead generation and customer service. You should consider getting a hashtag list together so everyone in your company is aware of the correct hashtags to use. Using the right hashtags will be important to every social media marketing campaign you run on Twitter.

When To Send A Tweet And When Not To

The time and day that you send your tweet matters. There’s been a lot of different studies and analysis on the best and worse times to tweet on Twitter. Knowing your niches behavior is important. You want you tweets to be optimized and perform the best that it can, right? If you’ve been on Twitter, you can tell which post are automated and scheduled. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling tweets but all day? You don’t have to send tweets out every minute, 24 hours a day, to get good results. You do need to make sure your sending tweets at peak hours.

For Twitter, the best times to tweet are between 9AM-3PM Monday through Thursday. The peak times for these days are 1PM-3PM. Leads increase by 55 percent as well as numbers across the board. Statistics drop off big after 8PM, don’t waste your time sending out tweets afterward. Friday, 10AM-2PM for Twitter. Results drop off for tweets after 3PM.

Connecting With Your Niche 

It doesn’t matter if you’re running Twitter campaigns or your networking, connecting to other professionals in your niche is important. There’s a variety of benefits when you connect with other Twitter accounts. For one, it gives you or your company the opportunity to grow your network. It will also increase your chances of your tweets being favorited, retweeted and shared.

In business, you can never have enough connections and resources. Your new social connections and interaction can open doors to new opportunities and new business. Connecting with niche related professionals can help you gain an advantage over your competition, the possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to learn, interact and share information that may benefit one, the other or both.