Attorney SEO

Attorney SEO

Attorney SEO ServicesWe Help You Build And Scale Your Law Firm By Leveraging Google Traffic


Over the years, we’ve helped attorneys from around the world build their law firm by using white hat SEO strategies.

We get the business, you’re likely here because of 3 reasons (this is from our experience helping lawyers)

  1. You’re ready to take your law firm to the next level.
  2. You’re just getting started and want an online marketing plan.
  3. You hired a so-called SEO guru and the results have been….flat.
  4. Or you’ve been doing SEO yourself and just don’t have the time or results.

Sound familiar? It’s completely fine, you’ve come to the right place.

Simply put, we help you get SEO results. We make sure your attorneys can be found when potential clients need you the most.

Every day, millions of people take to Google to search for a solution. If your website isn’t listed, you’re missing out on new clients and money.

The sad part, most of the attorneys and legal professionals we help have had bad experiences with SEO. After all, seems like everyone is SEO. While it can be tough to find a real SEO that gets real results, it’s not impossible.

For me (By the way, I’m Richard, Hale Web Development Founder) I point people to my LinkedIn Profile. You can see mine here.

Law Firm SEO

Attorney SEO Is Competitive

There’s no question that legal SEO, attorney SEO, law SEO, it’s tough to rank. This is why few attorneys are able to utilize SEO and leverage it to generate leads.

Most of the attorneys we’ve worked for have been from New York, Florida, Chicago and Dallas.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for attorneys is essential to bring in consistent leads from all of those that take to Google when searching for a lawyer. In SEO, it’s one of the toughest industries to rank keywords.

Attorneys often have a tough time with SEO and ranking due to the amount of competition they have, which extends to both local and national levels.

Since most attorneys are unaware of how SEO works, they often seek the help of an expert SEO or agency.

Nearly all of attorney related keyword traffic is organic. According to SEO software, organic attorney SEO keywords have a 92 percent rating over paid advertising. This means that 92 percent of attorney keywords are organic while only 8 percent is used for PPC advertising.

This is exactly why you need a law firm SEO strategy for your online marketing. Even if you do other marketing verticals, search engine optimization needs to be one of them.

Local SEO is different when compared to national or international SEO.

A great attorney SEO agency will help guide your SEO rankings despite your location

Law Firm SEO Process

Our legal SEO process is straight forward and allows you to achieve high search engine results for your investment.

Month One – Boarding And Evaluation

The first month of our attorney SEO service focuses on preparing your website to rank high in Google.

This process focuses on what we call on-site SEO strategies, which refer to SEO strategies and tactics involving your website.

From keyword research to correct keyword density and metadata, we ensure all of your service pages are properly optimized for best search engine optimization results.

It includes but is not limited to;

  • Keyword Research
  • Metadata
  • Permalink Formats
  • Heading Formats
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Sitemaps
  • Internal Links
  • Address/Maps

Month Two – Ranking Foundation

Once month one of your legal SEO services are complete, we begin to move into off-site SEO strategies. This refers to SEO ranking factors that are not done on the website.

This includes but is not limited to;

  • NAP Listings
  • Local Citations
  • SEO Outreach
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Link Building

Maintenance SEO

As we past 60 days, we position your website to have everything it needs to rank on the first page of Google.

We use white hat SEO strategies to give your website the trust and authority it will need to rank first page and have the ability to stay there for a long duration.

SEO Tracking And Conversions

We’ve learned that SEO isn’t enough to ensure you’re law firm is converting users. Due to this, we include conversion rate optimization as an additional service.

Your website may need changes to take advantage of all the new traffic your site will be getting.

Email Marketing And List Building

Some attorney leads will take time to nurture and you don’t want to miss out on them because you didn’t take the time to prepare.

We highly recommend having opt-ins to capture leads for your business.

Video Marketing

No other form of online content is more engaging than video.

Your videos can rank for the same SEO keywords you target.

We’ll also help you find great opportunities for video rankings.

Not The Same Old Law Firm SEO Results

If you’re tired of getting bad SEO results or tired of watching your competitors bring in new clients, it’s time to get started with Hale Web Development.

You can call today and we’ll find an opening to bring you in and audit your website absolutely free.

Every attorney website has different SEO needs and your SEO plan should be specifically designed for your needs.

We don’t have pre-built SEO plans. Instead, we audit your website, tell you everything you need and we build your plan around those needs.

Get Started Today

We’re a phone call away (304) 752-3433. If you get our answering machine, we could be doing an audit. Just leave your message and we’ll contact you back ASAP.

You can also use our contact form to reach us.

We look forward to helping grow your business.



What Is SEO?

What Is SEO?

If you’re searching to learn about SEO, good for you! For some of you, it begs the question, What Is SEO?

Simply defined, SEO leverages free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What Is Google SEO

SEO is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.

Think about it for a moment. When you need something specific, someone specific, how do you find that information? Most of you take to Google. Years ago, we used a phone book. Today, we take to our favorite search engine.

Millions of people across the world are using search engines to solve a problem or solve a need. More than likely, there’s people searching for the same thing your business offers. Search engine optimization is the goal that connects it all.

SEO works alone but it can be implemented with different marketing segments to superpower your organic results.

SEO Definition

What is SEO? SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the strategy of building organic search engine traffic by ranking specific keywords at the top of major search engines. With specific search engines, Google is the main

Search engine optimization is not difficult to learn, but it’s a complex topic.

There’s thought to be over 200 different SEO ranking factors. Does that mean you have to know them all? Absolutely not.

What you’re going to learn now is the fact that there’s only a handful of Google ranking factors that you’ll need to know and learn.

When we provide SEO services, we always do a full SEO audit to determine the planning for the project. Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t have pre-built plans.

Every website is different, every scenario if different and pre-built plans for SEO are a joke. Be cautious if a SEO company is providing that service.

Learning SEO

You have (2) options for SEO, either learning SEO yourself or hiring a Google SEO expert.

SEO optimization can help you establish the foundation of your business and eventually help you scale growth.

Along with SEO marketing, SEO leverages the use of specific keywords to target your audience and avatars.

We have an extensive SEO library for you to learn search engine optimization. If you’d rather hire a SEO agency, use our contact form.

SEO Library




How To Do Keyword Research And Slay It

How To Do Keyword Research And Slay It

The advent of effective marketing tools has made the business setting nowadays a daunting arena for brands who want to gain a market spot and succeed.

More efficient tools would mean more opportunities in reaching a larger and broader market that no enterprise can obtain when exhausting conventional marketing methods.

On top of the list is– search.

Today, if people seeks info about almost anything such as getting news and updates or getting more facts about a certain brand, products or services – most depend on what the search engines show them. Most of these users wouldn’t even seek further than the first page of the results shown.

Now, as an entrepreneur, there’s no other option to survive in the modern marketplace than to rank high in Google.

How to acquire high rankings in SERPs then?

It may all begin in pursuing the right keywords to concentrate on your digital marketing battle.

Keyword research is certainly one of the most crucial aspects of a digital marketing campaign, particularly in SEO. The following will  show you why.

The Importance of Excellent Keyword Research


The majority of online users use search engines in looking out for figures and information. They type in keywords. And in return, search engine’s complicated set of algorithms examines the vast amount of web pages indexed by the crawlers. These ‘spiders’ are software crawling through the contents of the web pages, then the search engine would match the keyword phrase used during the searches to give the users relevant answers.

Indeed, keywords are extremely significant in the course of matching the contents of your site on what your target audience are actually eyeing for.

The keywords must be targeted on the traffic that you want to come to your website, a traffic that eventually converts into profit generating customers. Otherwise, using wrong keywords will only entice traffic that isn’t going to contribute anything to your business.

Indeed, if few words are able to define what your site contents must be, that is probably because you are using right keyword phrases.

Ideally, you must hunt for keywords that the majority of people are using in their online searches but are used by a relatively small number of competitors. That is  possible if you are able to know the following considerations in keyword research.

Vital Concerns On Keyword Research


As an entrepreneur, you surely would want to create a name in the marketplace, the proper keyword research procedure could be your best ticket to obtaining success in this field. We have listed few vital concerns while doing keyword research, take a look.

    • Create Your Preliminary Keyword Lists

By placing yourself on your targeted visitors’ shoes, you can  have a list of keyword phrases that they are probably using in finding the kinds of services or products you are actually offering.

Primarily, this line of lists can come from guesses drawn out from squeaky air or things you assume individuals will be using to search for the things offered on your website. Consider thinking about where, what, why and how and other possible queries that your targeted audience are possibly using.

    • Restructure Your List With A Keyword Research Tool


Sometimes, keyword research can be a real pain. Looking out for good tools in making the entire process less time-consuming and efficient can be, too.

The research process is not really something you can just skip if you don’t have time or resources available.

After having your preliminary list, it will be important if you can surely come up with the most right keywords with the aid of a keyword research tool – the most used is the Keyword Google Planner.

In accessing this free software, you must have an AdWords account. The Google Keyword Planner will show you neat stats including average monthly searches, competition level, the average cost per click and so on.

  • Polish Your List Through The Aid of Keyword Suggestions

If you’re finished shortlisting an updated keyword phrases, polish your list more by utilizing various keyword suggestions offered by the keyword research tool. The tool could help you by giving healthier insights on the way targeted audiences arrange, subtract or words from keyword phrases in every actual search. But, you must be extra careful in your enhancement process to guarantee that your final selection of keywords aren’t just related to the contents of your website alone but must actually and correctly describe what your content is really all about.

  • Be Cautious About Utilizing General Keywords

Various online users may use general keywords such as “healthy ice cream” for the duration of a particular search, but again, be careful in using this type of keyword as this may put you in the ocean of rivalry. There will be also an influx of visitors that are not as targeted like you thought and thus cannot offer you any money. General keywords are deemed to be useful only for those businesses who wish to target customers internationally.

However if your business is situated in a specific city, adding in specific name of the place with your keyword like “healthy ice cream New York” can offer you better results. True, this kind of phrases may attract lesser search volume but these searches are the ones that every business website must be drawing – the kind that may convert into paying customers.

  • Do Separate Keyword Research For Precise Products You Offer

You may be proposing services or products that are under different classification or category. You must be able to do isolated keyword research of each of the categories. This could be a bit tiresome especially if you own an ecommerce site that that needs to feature numerous categories. But, being able to target your keyword on this manner will offer you a better chance of inviting more qualified leads that are exactly eyeing for the precise types of products that are featured in your site on a specific category.

  • Exploit Long Tail Keywords

Consider using long tail keywords. These keywords may not have too many searches however the people who are doing long tail searches may generally have specific concerns that they need to resolve. The critical idea is to target numerous and significant long tail keywords in your site contents to allow you have a continuous flow of highly targeted visitors to your site

Technically, to categorize long tail keywords related to your niche, you need to put additional words to your root keywords. For example, our original keyword is ‘healthy restaurant New York’, it may become a long tail if we put ‘where is the best healthy restaurant in New York’. Most SEO elites utilize long tail keywords with their posts to get higher ranking in SERPs.


Once more, in carrying out a successful keyword research campaign, it is essential that you are able to put yourself in your target audience shoes and try to see through their eyes and ideas. You must be able to figure out on how they pick words to use in doing online searches.


Certainly, keyword research has an extremely important role in this regard to help streamline your SEO campaign and carry in targeted visitors that offer profitable results.



7Author Bio


Patrick P. is the CEO and founder of LinkVista Digital Inc, a company which provides cost-efficient online solutions such as content and SEO management.





10 Essential Strategies For Local SEO

10 Essential Strategies For Local SEO

Local SEO For Google

Local SEO can be a very powerful thing if done correctly and there are a number of things that you now need to do to show up locally in the map pack and on mobile. We’ve added a list of these great strategies below – so take a look and start ranking now.


  • Take advantage of Google Places. This free listing service from Google can help drive traffic to your site. Make sure to fill out your profile completely. This includes adding information on the products that you offer as well as photos and videos. Use important industry-related keywords in the description box. Just be sure to avoid adding too many or it will come across as being spammy. Repeat this process on both Yahoo! Local and Bing Local. One added benefit of being listed on Google Places is that your business will be more likely to come up for mobile searches.
  • James Neal of SEO company SEO Organic suggests you choose geo-targeted keywords. This means including the name of your city in the titles of your pages, as well as in any headings or Meta tags. You should also periodically mention the name of your city or town in your content.
  • Make it easy for your customer to reach you by creating a “Contact” page that includes all of your contact information. Additionally, adding an “About” page can help increase trust, making your visitors more likely to do business with your company. If you own a restaurant, you should also post your menu online for people to peruse.
  • Do your best to encourage your customers to leave ratings for you online. For instance, you may want to request feedback through your social media accounts. People like to see a lot of positive reviews from other customers.
  • Keep your social media accounts active. They are a great way to build long-term relationships with your customers. Be sure to regularly post interesting content to your accounts so that your followers don’t wind up forgetting about you. Maintaining an active social media presence may also help your site get listed higher in the search results.
  • Think about creating a separate landing page for each location that you own if your business has more than one location. This will allow you to optimize the page for the specific city or town for each location.
  • Find other businesses in your community that may be interested in linking to your site. For instance, if you sell pet-related products, a local veterinarian may be willing to link to your site.
  • Enclose your business address in an HTML [address] tag. This helps solidify that you are a local business with an actual address, which can help boost your standings in the search results.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. These days, most people use their cell phones to look for local businesses. Because of that, search engines favor sites that have mobile-friendly designs. Either create a separate version of your site for mobile devices or use responsive web design to ensure that your site displays correctly across a wide range of devices.
  • Don’t forget about traditional advertising methods. Building your reputation in the local community is often best accomplished through newspaper or radio ads. These types of ads can help build name recognition. Then, when people find themselves in need of the products you sell or the services that you offer, your company’s name will be one of the first that comes to mind.



Impact of Mobile Search Popularity On SEO

Impact of Mobile Search Popularity On SEO

Mobile Trends

Gone are the days when internet used to be the darling of desktop users. Mobile devices now rival the internet usage and hence, it is only natural that search engines have updated their algorithms for Search Engine Result Page (SERP) listings. However, for this article we will be going forward with how the algorithms have been changed by Google and what it means for the users.

Mobile Searches

Just to put things in perspective, Google has revealed that it is receiving more search queries from mobile devices than from desktop/fixed device users. And this does make more sense. Although cell phones and tablets aren’t decades old, nevertheless, they have become an essential part of our lives.

Can you really imagine not using your cell phone just for one day? Couple this with a deep rooted thirst for information and you will get our point. In many cases we, have equated information with knowledge. No one wants to be bested out of a bargain, and we all want to get best value for money on our purchases. So, it is only natural that whenever we are in doubt, we reach out to the vast pool of information available to us via internet. And the most convenient way to do this is via your cell phone.

Why does this matter?

Whether you have just started a website to promote your product or are already an established business, it is important to track the traffic that is coming to your website. Google Analytics is the most common tool used for this, while other paid ones can be found at affordable prices via Groupon. If you filter your traffic according to mobile and desktop, you will find the number of users who reach your content via cell phones and tablets. Depending on the results, it can be really important for you to cater to the needs of these small screen users.

How does it affect your SERP ranking?  

Google’s Mobilegeddon update, launched in April 2015, has introduced some changes to its mobile searching algorithms that may affect your site’s SERP Ranking for a number of reasons. The main effect of this update is that Google now checks your site for mobile-friendliness before displaying it in any of the top pages. This will affect any business to varying degrees, depending on the level of traffic coming from mobile users and the current level of mobile optimization already present in site.

Let us suppose that 40% of your traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that 40 out of 100 potential customers are reaching you through cell phone. If your site was in the front of SERP prior to this update, but is now featuring much lower; then you have lost most of those 40%.

Factors that affect SERP ranking post Mobilegeddon

Now that we have established that mobile SERP rankings matter, let us move towards the points that need your focus if you have been affected. Researches have pointed to two main areas for improving SERP mobile rankings: User Experience and Technical Elements.

User Experience

Generally speaking, it means how convenient it is for a user to access the content. Google algorithm now assesses fonts, links, images, length, and even proof terms to rank your site on its pages. This means that your site should have optimal arrangement of images and content for smaller screens; and that links should be easy to click. The average length of your content for mobile is shorter than that for desktops.

Technical Elements

These include factors such as speed at which your website opens and whether it is made in HTML5 or Flash. The results indicate that HTML5 may be the better platform for your site on mobile phones.

These were just some of the points that need to be kept in mind. We hope that we have introduced you to the basics, although the material covered here is just the tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless, if you have not already optimized your website for Mobile SERP ranking, then it is high time you start thinking about it. Google has a history of taking things along quickly and drastically. Although, this has not been as drastic as Google Panda update, still it has had enough impact to be taken seriously, and something which should be accounted for.

Guest Posting Services

Guest Posting Services

Guest Posting

Are Guest Posting Services Worth The Investment?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have or how many years of experience is under your belt, no one can deny the benefits of guest posting. When I was wrote an article talking about growing my IT business at Hale Associations, I discussed the importance of building meaningful relationships with your online peers.

One of your biggest challenges as an online business is search engine optimization. And anyone that knows how SEO really works knows that authority backlinks is what drives SEO results.

This is where guest posting services can be a big benefit to branding your business and growing organic traffic.

I recently did a search via Google on guest posting services. I found a lot of different companies offering guest post services. However, when I looked at the pricing for guest post, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

Google And Guest Posting

Google has not been shy about how they feel about guest posting. Google knows that sites that offer guest posting services are often involved in link building. Many guest posting websites, platforms, networks and companies have been penalized for it. So that leaves the big question, is there a right way to do guest posting?

If an article adds genuine use to a user, then yes. Here’s the thing, every website plays in these boundaries. However, it’s how guest posting is labeled that gives it a bad wrap. When we refer to guest posting as outreach (because in many ways, outreach is) we perceive it much differently.

If an authority website contacts you for an interview or you’re asked to contribute to their website, this differs over guest post. Now, you’re contributing. So I imagine there’s a difference Google views this differently. When Google refers to guest posting, they are talking about networks and platforms that advertise guest post. More so, they are referring to platforms that are without a question involved in link building schemes that add no real value to the end user.

Guest Writing Pricing

I won’t mention any names, but I saw many services offering $400-$500 for one guest post! Damn, I thought, “maybe I chose the wrong IT service.”

It looked like most pricing on guest writing opportunities used domain authority as a pricing indicator. And that’s fine I guess, DA is an important SEO metric. But remember, DA can be influenced by spam links. “That’s all I’m saying, I’m not knocking the metric.

It clearly shows that these guest posting companies know what drives SEO rankings.

There’s no question in my mind that link building remains one of the top SEO ranking factors. This is really why you see high pricing models. But you have to be aware of such services as they could risk your business. We know for a fact Google is against it. If you’re not appearing in results tomorrow, what will that do to your business?

Guest Post In SEO Today

Do guest post still work? Of course they do and very well. But there’s some key details to remember (and you better make sure you know this).

  • Topical trust matters (more so than DA)
  • Don’t post your content just anywhere (the site must be relative)
  • The more footprints you leave, the more risk involved
  • Aggressively using anchor text can get you penalized
  • Google is against guest posting tactics
  • End user has to be first, SEO last


High Authoritative Inbound Links

These high quality authority inbound links are very powerful and more the serps. However, these are one of the hardest backlinks to get. Through guest posting services and blogger outreach, you can get the opportunities you need to help your business thrive online. Consider quality always when guest posting and offering value to the visitors.

This goes back to the importance of building genuine relationships with others in the your niche and industry. It’s a crucial element in SEO, link building, guest posting and online marketing.

The quality of your backlinks plays a big role in where you website ranks in Google. You can have all the backlinks in the world, but if they’re not relative and of high quality, you’ll never achieve the SEO rankings you need to be very successful.

Not only are these backlinks hard to get, they are often the most time consuming. But effort can pay off as these will be the types of backlinks that can push your website up the leader board.

Is This White Hat SEO?

Honestly, it depends who you talk to. It can actually be a little bit of white, black and grey. The approach we do for guest posting is a white hat approach. All of the big SEO gurus do it, even down to your small business SEO’s. And for good reason, it’s effective at increase keyword rankings.

With guest writing, you don’t want to target just any website. You want to target platforms that are relative to your niche. Look at our 2016 ranking factors for Google. Relative authority links are positive serp movers.

Your focus should be quality and “real sites.” Let me explain. Your backlinks on sites that don’t have live signals are going to be less valued then backlinks from sites that have real traffic.

Brand mentions, social signals, traffic metrics, all of these give SEO value.

Honestly, I’ve never been big on the color sequences of SEO.. These are industry built terms that don’t matter. It’s either approved or disapproved by Google, it’s that simple.

Building Authority Relationships

Another big benefit for guest posting is the relationships you build. These genuine business friendships are priceless. At some point, all of us need someone. This is a great way to get your foot in the door if you’re new and it’s a great way to establish thought leadership if you’re a seasoned vet.

On day one, you should be doing outreach. Matter of fact, you should be doing it prior to your launch. You can build an Excel spreadsheet with contacts to keep track of everyone you reach out to.

There’s nothing wrong with targeting high authority leaders in your industry, but rarely will they reach out to someone that’s new on the block. But it can’t hurt, you have to start from somewhere.

Here’s some tips to help you build industry relationships;

  • Mention the person via social media
  • Mention the person via a video or article
  • Mention someone’s business
  • Review a person or company’s product/service
  • Ask to guest post on their website/blog
  • Ask them to guest post on your website
  • Do a top 10 list and ask for expert opinions
  • Interview someone in your industry
  • Offer your advice, expertise or help


Outreach Can Mold Relationships

Guest posting can be a bad term to use in this case, but the benefits of true genuine outreach can’t be overlooked. I think I’m in the right saying this, authentic outreach is effective when the the content published is for the user. That should be thought one. I know it’s hard not to think about the SEO perks, but in Google’s eyes, anything published should have the end user at the forefront.

So yes, guest posting can help you build relationships. But again, it’s risky business. Guest posting should be done in a white hat manner, which probably changes the terminology all together.

We know that authority platforms do this all the time. It’s no different than signing up with an authority website and publishing content. Sure, this may or may not be viewed as guest posting. Perhaps guest contributing is the proper terminology.

There’s risk and reward in all that we do and guest posting is just one that falls into this category.