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Attorney SEO

Attorney SEO ServicesWe Help You Build And Scale Your Law Firm By Leveraging Google Traffic


Over the years, we’ve helped attorneys from around the world build their law firm by using white hat SEO strategies.

We get the business, you’re likely here because of 3 reasons (this is from our experience helping lawyers)

  1. You’re ready to take your law firm to the next level.
  2. You’re just getting started and want an online marketing plan.
  3. You hired a so-called SEO guru and the results have been….flat.
  4. Or you’ve been doing SEO yourself and just don’t have the time or results.

Sound familiar? It’s completely fine, you’ve come to the right place.

Simply put, we help you get SEO results. We make sure your attorneys can be found when potential clients need you the most.

Every day, millions of people take to Google to search for a solution. If your website isn’t listed, you’re missing out on new clients and money.

The sad part, most of the attorneys and legal professionals we help have had bad experiences with SEO. After all, seems like everyone is SEO. While it can be tough to find a real SEO that gets real results, it’s not impossible.

For me (By the way, I’m Richard, Hale Web Development Founder) I point people to my LinkedIn Profile. You can see mine here.

Law Firm SEO

Attorney SEO Is Competitive

There’s no question that legal SEO, attorney SEO, law SEO, it’s tough to rank. This is why few attorneys are able to utilize SEO and leverage it to generate leads.

Most of the attorneys we’ve worked for have been from New York, Florida, Chicago and Dallas.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for attorneys is essential to bring in consistent leads from all of those that take to Google when searching for a lawyer. In SEO, it’s one of the toughest industries to rank keywords.

Attorneys often have a tough time with SEO and ranking due to the amount of competition they have, which extends to both local and national levels.

Since most attorneys are unaware of how SEO works, they often seek the help of an expert SEO or agency.

Nearly all of attorney related keyword traffic is organic. According to SEO software, organic attorney SEO keywords have a 92 percent rating over paid advertising. This means that 92 percent of attorney keywords are organic while only 8 percent is used for PPC advertising.

This is exactly why you need a law firm SEO strategy for your online marketing. Even if you do other marketing verticals, search engine optimization needs to be one of them.

Local SEO is different when compared to national or international SEO.

A great attorney SEO agency will help guide your SEO rankings despite your location

Law Firm SEO Process

Our legal SEO process is straight forward and allows you to achieve high search engine results for your investment.

Month One – Boarding And Evaluation

The first month of our attorney SEO service focuses on preparing your website to rank high in Google.

This process focuses on what we call on-site SEO strategies, which refer to SEO strategies and tactics involving your website.

From keyword research to correct keyword density and metadata, we ensure all of your service pages are properly optimized for best search engine optimization results.

It includes but is not limited to;

  • Keyword Research
  • Metadata
  • Permalink Formats
  • Heading Formats
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Sitemaps
  • Internal Links
  • Address/Maps

Month Two – Ranking Foundation

Once month one of your legal SEO services are complete, we begin to move into off-site SEO strategies. This refers to SEO ranking factors that are not done on the website.

This includes but is not limited to;

  • NAP Listings
  • Local Citations
  • SEO Outreach
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Link Building

Maintenance SEO

As we past 60 days, we position your website to have everything it needs to rank on the first page of Google.

We use white hat SEO strategies to give your website the trust and authority it will need to rank first page and have the ability to stay there for a long duration.

SEO Tracking And Conversions

We’ve learned that SEO isn’t enough to ensure you’re law firm is converting users. Due to this, we include conversion rate optimization as an additional service.

Your website may need changes to take advantage of all the new traffic your site will be getting.

Email Marketing And List Building

Some attorney leads will take time to nurture and you don’t want to miss out on them because you didn’t take the time to prepare.

We highly recommend having opt-ins to capture leads for your business.

Video Marketing

No other form of online content is more engaging than video.

Your videos can rank for the same SEO keywords you target.

We’ll also help you find great opportunities for video rankings.

Not The Same Old Law Firm SEO Results

If you’re tired of getting bad SEO results or tired of watching your competitors bring in new clients, it’s time to get started with Hale Web Development.

You can call today and we’ll find an opening to bring you in and audit your website absolutely free.

Every attorney website has different SEO needs and your SEO plan should be specifically designed for your needs.

We don’t have pre-built SEO plans. Instead, we audit your website, tell you everything you need and we build your plan around those needs.

Get Started Today

We’re a phone call away (304) 752-3433. If you get our answering machine, we could be doing an audit. Just leave your message and we’ll contact you back ASAP.

You can also use our contact form to reach us.

We look forward to helping grow your business.



What Is SEO?

What Is SEO?

If you’re searching to learn about SEO, good for you! For some of you, it begs the question, What Is SEO?

Simply defined, SEO leverages free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What Is Google SEO

SEO is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.

Think about it for a moment. When you need something specific, someone specific, how do you find that information? Most of you take to Google. Years ago, we used a phone book. Today, we take to our favorite search engine.

Millions of people across the world are using search engines to solve a problem or solve a need. More than likely, there’s people searching for the same thing your business offers. Search engine optimization is the goal that connects it all.

SEO works alone but it can be implemented with different marketing segments to superpower your organic results.

SEO Definition

What is SEO? SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the strategy of building organic search engine traffic by ranking specific keywords at the top of major search engines. With specific search engines, Google is the main

Search engine optimization is not difficult to learn, but it’s a complex topic.

There’s thought to be over 200 different SEO ranking factors. Does that mean you have to know them all? Absolutely not.

What you’re going to learn now is the fact that there’s only a handful of Google ranking factors that you’ll need to know and learn.

When we provide SEO services, we always do a full SEO audit to determine the planning for the project. Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t have pre-built plans.

Every website is different, every scenario if different and pre-built plans for SEO are a joke. Be cautious if a SEO company is providing that service.

Learning SEO

You have (2) options for SEO, either learning SEO yourself or hiring a Google SEO expert.

SEO optimization can help you establish the foundation of your business and eventually help you scale growth.

Along with SEO marketing, SEO leverages the use of specific keywords to target your audience and avatars.

We have an extensive SEO library for you to learn search engine optimization. If you’d rather hire a SEO agency, use our contact form.

SEO Library




Five Reasons Why It Is Necessary For You To Have A Virtual Data Room for your Business

Five Reasons Why It Is Necessary For You To Have A Virtual Data Room for your Business

As everything continues to go digital, it is becoming increasingly important to get new methods established for disseminating information quickly. It isn’t sufficient to merely have files stored on a hard drive; they must be well-organized and accessible.

A well-managed file system will help to ensure that everything is accounted for and doesn’t get lost, and provide the right individuals with continual access to certain computer systems and files that could prevent potential disaster before any serious damage is done.  It is very important that businesses have digital rooms, and the companies that delay in getting them implemented will lose the most.

(1) Preserves documents

Paper decays at a rapid rate, and it takes much longer to manually sort through files than it does tracking them down inside a computer system.   Established companies have tons of paper records already, and over time the problem just continues to compound.   Many of the hassles associated with traditional record keeping are completely eliminated by digital storage, so long as multiple backup of everything is maintained by businesses of everything up through the present day.  When this is done, there is little to no chance of losing anything.

(2) Accountability

It is very easy to have all pertinent information displayed that investors might want to see when you have a data room.  Investors really don’t like risk, and when everything is collected in one place is demonstrates an image of a company that is on top of everything and is trustworthy.  Having a well-organized data room allows companies to build solid relationships with its investors, making it well worth the effort and time for this reason alone.

(3) Investors can obtain access from anywhere

It isn’t absolutely necessary for data rooms to be placed online, however it does make communication very easy.  Security is a very serious concern, however there are programs that can deal with potential threats.  Also, having staff members who have a thorough understanding of how the data center works helps a company prevent major threats from breaking in.  Accessibility is the major benefit, and it can be very beneficial for a business to be able to share information with investors all over the world.

(4) Transactions are made easy by online data rooms

Giving customers what they want is the number one rule in business.  This is also true when it comes to investors.  Instituting an online data room will result in an increase in bids, and bids placed via data rooms on average are larger than bids that are placed via other channels.

(5) Investors are provided with more information

Bids placed via data rooms have a tendency to be larger due to the fact that more quality information is received by investors before they must make a decision.  A mixture of higher quantity and higher quality results in larger gains.  Data rooms make it very painless and quick to make transactions, so that numerous investors have started suing them exclusively to plan their deals.


7 Practical Tips To Secure Your Laptop

7 Practical Tips To Secure Your Laptop

This post points out a few practical ways to protect your laptop from intruders.


This is certainly obvious, but most people tend to neglect antivirus upgrades. It is important to look for an antivirus software that is strong enough and one that is regularly updated. Data security is very important so, take this as your first step towards laptop security.

If you’re in a Rugged Business

If you are in a business where a laptop or a machine is going to take some dents and knocks potentially, then we’d advise that you go for a machine to fit. Ruggedised laptops such as Chassis Plans options are a great option and built for such needs.


The second important feature to look at is the firewall. Of course, there’s the default windows firewall but using it doesn’t bulletproof your personal computer. It is a fact that Trojans and other viruses when binned become strong enough to bypass the latest antivirus. This is where an effective firewall program comes in handy as it blocks such programs from accessing the internet. There are numerous firewall programs to choose from. All you need to do is some research on the best free of paid ones out there. Just ensure your firewall is up to date at all times.

Software Updates

Patches and update are common for almost every software. The updates contain the latest features and bug fixes that make the software stable and more secure. In regards to this, it’s advisable to turn the automatic updates option or use a freeware such as filehippo to keep tabs on software updates.

Back Up Your Data

It is always great to take precaution and exercising to back your data and software regularly ascertains that you will never lose your valuable files. You can use a portable hard drive, but it’s better to backup on the cloud so that you can easily access your data from anywhere with internet connection. You can use Skydrive, Google drive or dropbox for cloud storage.

Tracking Programs

As a laptop is quite portable, there’s a high chance of losing it, especially if you travel with it a lot. As such, it is imperative to install a tracking software that can help locate your computer when stolen. You can use free software such as Adeona for this.

Always Use a Password for Login

Most people tend to ignore using passwords to access their gadgets, but this is a crucial security step for your laptop. It is important to prevent intruders from accessing your personal data by locking your computer with a sophisticated password. A strong password contains at least one numeric number, special characters, and uppercase letters.

These are some of the best ways to protect your valued laptop from gadget and data thieves. If you implement them, you reduce the chances of having your information exposed, or intruders getting their hands on important files.

E-Commerce and Distance Selling – Understanding the VAT Thresholds to Avoid Fines and Penalties

E-Commerce and Distance Selling – Understanding the VAT Thresholds to Avoid Fines and Penalties

Businesses who sell and deliver products to private individuals or non-taxable businesses in another EU member state are practicing distance selling. The most common type of distance selling is e-commerce transactions where an individual from another EU state orders a product and the product is shipped to them from a different EU state.

The Distance Selling Rules require that when a distance selling company passes the thresholds set forth in another European country, the business must register for VAT in that state and begin charging local VAT. When these limits are exceeded, the place of supply is considered the delivery location.

These rules ensure a distortion of competition does not occur between the different member states of the EU. Each country’s tax authority can set their VAT rate.  If the rules were not in place, individuals who are based in a state where VAT is higher could purchase goods from countries where the VAT is lower.

For example, someone in the UK (VAT is 20 percent) who purchases products from Luxembourg (VAT is 15 percent) would save money. The Luxembourg tax authorities would have a VAT advantage and the tax authorities in the UK would be at a disadvantage.

Distance Selling Regulations

During the Christmas season, e-commerce businesses thrive and their business increases. In fact, on Mega Monday, more than £450 million in sales are expected. Of that amount, £113 million will come from online sales. Because e-commerce sales can happen suddenly, businesses can be at risk of unwittingly crossing distance selling thresholds.

Care must be taken to ensure the business does not surpass these thresholds. Each tax authority across the European Union is trying to raise tax revenues. Direct sales are a great way for these countries to increase revenues. These revenues are collected as a tax from each consumer sale that has surpassed the thresholds. VATGlobal has a good guide on this subject.

If a business does not register for VAT once these thresholds are reached, it can be subject to penalties and fines. If the tax authorities determine you have crossed the threshold before you report it, the fines and penalties will be greater than if you voluntarily report this information.  This is why it is essential that you keep track of the sales in each country of the EU.

International trade is continually increasing due to e-commerce. You must be aware of the VAT regulation across the different countries where your customers are located to avoid fines and penalties. Do your research and have mechanisms in place to report your VAT obligations when you reach these thresholds to help save you money and aggravation.


Heavyweight Brands Theory: How They Use Instagram Video for Brand Promotion

Heavyweight Brands Theory: How They Use Instagram Video for Brand Promotion

With so many brands trying to build strong presence in the market over the years, only a few of them discovered the golden possibilities of using Instagram video advertising. If you need a leg up with this you can opt for buying video views on Instagram for maximum benefit for your campaign.

Gone are the days that it’s already enough to publish your brand on a newspaper, people nowadays are quite hooked to social media and capturing their attention can be just a click away!

Why choose Instagram over various social networks? It’s because Instagram have strongly built its reputation being considered as Teen’s Most Important Social Network in US according to the 2015 Meeker Report. It has been referred by the Forresster researcher Nate Elliot as the ”King of Social Engagement,” stating the fact that brands posted on Instagram can generate a follower with a rate of 4.21 percent. This could mean that Instagram can cater a follower engagement 58 times compared to Facebook and 120 times more compared to Twitter.

Now, let’s get into the real point, how do companies use Instagram video to promote their brand? So many companies have already gathered Instagram followers over the years because of posting photos, an established audience for the videos. With Instagram’s 15-seconds video exposure, plus its good video editing, companies now have chances to be creative in promoting their brand with a professional style. The following are ways on how Instagram video works for business:

Showing Their Company History


People love to know how your company had started. What is the story behind your success? How did you begin your business? By knowing these things, people will be inspired by your story and will learn to appreciate your product more. It is important for consumers to know how long you’ve been in the industry, for them to determine if they can depend on your for a longer time.

Embedding Instagram Videos in a Blog or a Website

If you have your own blog site or web site, Instagram enables you to easily embed Instagram videos there. Visitors on that site can access your video without having the need to open Instagram. Other bloggers can write about you and embed your video to their own sites. That’s how easy your video spreads. Mikegingerich is a helpful site that can teach you how to embed your Instagram videos.

Linking Instagram Videos to Facebook

Take advantage of the Facebook-Instagram tandem. People usually switch from Instagram to Facebook then back to Instagram environment. This means that if you link an Instagram to Facebook, you can connect to the World’s Largest Network with 818 million active users in addition to Instagram’s 130 million. In merely seconds, it arrives to Facebook feed attracting more likes, comments and shares that would soon multiply your number of followers. Social Media today gives you Five Analytic Tools that keeps track on number of Instagram likes per week, most liked videos, number of followers and the like.

Showcasing Company Events

The most important thing about creating mark on your brand is on how you connect to your consumers. Promote your event through a 15 second Instagram Video. Your followers will eventually feel that they are part of your important event. Use Instagram videos to let them view the highlights or the preview of an upcoming event. But remember this; don’t be so obvious in pushing your company brand. People will easily detect an advertisement and will avoid it. Instead of bluffing it out, show them how fun and exciting your company is by portraying how happy your employees are and the quality of life you build with them.

Visualizing a Real Story


Capture them while they swipe and freeze them from scrolling by doing a creative visual presentation. Put captivating colours to make it more and alluring and real. You will surely stand out if it will be registered in their minds. If a picture can paint a thousand words, videos can do even more; it can visualize a peculiar reality. If you are going to show something about your product or if have a message to convey, how are you going to present it? What do you want make them to feel? Is this how you want your company to be remembered? Having a strong and unique concept creates a strong and unbreakable connection to your viewers.

Whether showing solutions to existing problems, people would prefer watching it on a video rather than read about it. Since Instagram videos come in short sizes, people think it would not take much of their time.

Promoting a Lifestyle


Promote a lifestyle using your brand. Share your unique point of view on how your product can be used in daily life. Help people discover it by showing them how. They will find your product helpful if it could influence them to improve their lifestyle. They may also find your product a tool in pursuing their interests. Find a way to fit in to their wide range of daily life-long activities and provide the tools they need. Engage them to a new kind of lifestyle that they will embrace in themselves.

Hosting User-Generated Content

The creation of Instagram User-generated content is quite a trend today. You collaborate with you users by encouraging them to use hashtags (#) so you can tract their product reviews. People can participate and you can collect the content they have created. You can directly interact with your consumers by replying to their queries and feedbacks. Users will greatly popularize your brand by doing their own product reviews, tag people with them, share their posts, and put your store as a location. Imagine thousands of people helping you advertise your brand without having to pay them for it. Your brand can reach up to their widest circles with their recommendation. Social Media examiner can give you tips on how to use Instagram Hashtags to expand your reach.

Instagram has greatly helped Heavyweight brands in many different ways. Some ways are still for you to discover. By knowing the above ways on how they use Instagram video advertising for brand promotion, hoping you apply these techniques to your own business, as well.

Instagram As An Ecommerce Marketing Tool

Instagram As An Ecommerce Marketing Tool

Ecommerce stores need to do anything they can to get ahead and Instagram for many may be the best possible way. So, how do you utilize it for your business.

Look To Users for Your Content

The youngest generation of consumers has grown up expecting a fundamentally different relationship with brands than the one their parents had. They look for back-and-forth communication with brands on their social networks. You should strongly consider giving your customers a way to add to their pictures to your page. Buyers who appreciate your brand can post pictures of themselves using or wearing your products. Besides fostering engagement with your customers, this will also serve as a free source of promotion for your brand. You have a range of different third-party software tools that will make this possible and help you manage user-generated content. Start with a Google search for “embed an Instagram feed” to see your options.

Product Placement

Instagram is a terrific platform for showing off the way your product fits into real-life settings. This makes it easier for your users to understand how your product is meant to be used. Authenticity is important when you pursue this strategy. Even though you’re likely to carefully coordinate every aspect of the images you create for this kind of promotion, they should appear as natural as possible to your audience.

You don’t necessarily need a huge marketing budget to get started with this technique. See if there are any employees in your company who would like a chance to model your products. They may even have Instagram accounts of their own that they can use to spread your images further.

With a little more investment (in terms of both time and money), you can track down key influencers who are well-known in your target demographic and get them to post pictures that include your products. These kinds of deals are often very complex, but the rewards can be tremendous. You’ll get plenty of exposure for your brand and reach a much wider audience this way.

Instagram Contests

Contests are an evergreen marketing strategy on most platforms, and Instagram is no exception. Just bear in mind that you need to develop your following to a certain size in order to ensure that your contest gets sufficient exposure. You’ll also want to offer a prize that gets people legitimately excited about participating – discount coupons aren’t going to get the job done.

One good way to benefit from this is to add some Instagram likes initially as this will give the contest some traction and make it seem popular. People like to do what seems to be popular and adding followers or likes can provide a psychological edge.

Don’t spend too much time wincing about the cost of the prizes you need to run an effective contest. A well-run contest can generate huge amounts of exposure at a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing campaign, even when you factor in the expense involved in the prizes. Structure your contests in multiple rounds to hold people’s attention for longer stretches of time. Don’t just run a “best submission” contest; build a bracket that puts contenders through multiple head-to-head rounds before you pick an overall winner.

Don’t Force It

Remember that an Instagram account costs you nothing, and neither do individual posts. Not every picture you upload needs to be a hard sales tool. Establishing your brand’s mood and character is also important. It’s an excellent idea to work with a professional photographer and familiarize him or her with your brand. A good photo shoot will give you lots of great options to choose from and provide you with a stream of Instagram content that will keep your account busy for a long time. The professional quality of the images will also serve to impress both current and future customers.

Tying Customers Into Your Brand

Never lose sight of the “social” part of social media. Interactions between your brand and your customers are supposed to go both ways. A well-run Instagram campaign can turn hordes of customers into ambassadors for your brand, expanding your reach dramatically. Operating an unengaged Instagram account will be a waste of your time or even have a negative effect. If you’re going to make the effort, make it count by reaching out to your customers.

Benefits Of Big Data For Businesses

Benefits Of Big Data For Businesses

Every second, computation creates tons of consumer data. GPS tracking can be used to locate people who use certain mobile apps. Social networks are huge databases of people’s attitudes and behavior.

Search engines, on the other hand, record people’s interests and daily needs. All of this data is very useful for marketers. However, this was not the case previously since the process was technically demanding for data software used back then.

Nowadays, companies can easily use advanced software like Apache Hadoop to provide big data analysis which can be used to improve sales.

There is no reason why marketers should not enjoy the benefits of using big data and yet the big data analysis is used by most of the Fortune 500 companies and the fact that adequate data is easily found online.

Benefits of Big Data

Big data analysis can be beneficial to both start-up and established corporate enterprises. Some of the benefits include:

Identifying new customers

Big data especially information in social networks give marketers a great detail of information on consumers behavior and interests. This will allow the marketer to add more variables to their audience targeting.

Previously, marketers used only the demographic terms to target their customers including age, marital status, location, and education.

Marketers are now able to easily know more customers interested in the products and services. This has been made possible by the increased number of parameters. As a marketer, you can now easily target your audience more accurately than you could do before.

The new Facebook Insights tool is one of the best examples of the possibilities of big data. It usually analyzes big data and also used to provide insights about consumers likes, lifestyle, purchasing habits, household info, etc. There all sorts of changes in the area as this piece from Harnham shows.

Finding New Marketing Opportunities.

Products need constant upgrades. Big data analysis can provide marketers with patterns which can be very important for improving the existing segments or features and finding new marketing opportunities.

Giving Great Offers to Existing Customers

Customers appreciate the company’s effort to present them with new products they might be interested in. is the top dog when it comes to product recommendation.

This is because of the fact that the marketers use the big data in this site to give customers what they cannot resist. Amazon statistics show that more than 35% of their sales are fueled by their recommendation engine.

Making more profitable ads.

We have said something about improved audience targeting opportunities provided by big data analytics.

However, this is not all that it can offer. You can use information from search engines and social networks to create more effective and attractive ad campaigns. This is mostly used by ad platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ad words.

Once a marketer knows what consumers are looking for, it will be very easy to create more suitable ads. For example, if the marketer’s targeted audience usually search for low-cost flights, a marketer can add promotional prices to their ads to grab the attention of the customer.

Assessing campaign results in an accurate manner

The sources of big data can be used for assessing the performance of a campaign and how effective an individual media channel is.

Accurate campaign results will help the company save a lot of money intended for future campaigns as it directs it to the media channels and ads which offer the best performance.



Best 5 PHP Development Tools for Developers

Best 5 PHP Development Tools for Developers

With a record of 240 million of websites using PHP programming for their web designing purposes, is no wonder that PHP is one of the most used scripting language.

Every month the web is flooded with many PHP tools. There are scads of PHP development tools available all over the internet for PHP developers, but finding an appropriate tool is quite an arduous task and demands effort and time.

Here are the best 5 PHP development tools:

  1. PHP CPP

PHP-CPP is a library for developing PHP extensions. This tool offers a collection of well documented and easy to use classes that can be used and extended to build native extensions for PHP. Easy to use and understand, the PHP CPP is one of the best PHP development tools available.

  1. SubLime Text

One of the most popular code editors for developers, SubLime Text is a text editor for code, markup and prose. You can make ten changes at the same time, not one change ten times. The multiple selections feature allow you to interactively change many lines at once, rename variables with ease, and manipulate files faster than ever.

  1. Eclipse PDT

With a huge community of developers, Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tools) is another open source option that comes for free. Some of the key features include syntax highlighting, code formatter, code assist, code templates, code navigation, refactoring, syntax validation php debugging, and eclipse ecosystem that boasts a huge community, a supportive one.

  1. Atom

Atom is a modern text editor that was built by GitHub and its available free of cost under MIT license. This text editor has its own with huge community behind it and tons of plugins and packages available to extend its functionality on the long term.

  1. CaseBox

CaseBox is an open source with a similar desktop interface where you can create an unlimited level of directories and store stuff in the structure preferred. You can create task with deadlines and assigned to users for a better and easier project tracking.

PHP is the most popular and comprehensive programming language for web development and there are many PHP development new tools available each month.  Choose the right php development tools for your project and you will save money and time.

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Programming Careers: Five Reasons This May Not Be The Job For You

Programming Careers: Five Reasons This May Not Be The Job For You

Programming takes a special type of individual. If you are thinking of a career in programming, continue reading to learn the five signs that programming may not be the right profession for you.

Experimental Creativity

Although programming relies heavily on logic, you also must be creative. Developing a new program is similar to art. The program is a blank canvas and you will use frameworks, libraries and languages to paint your masterpiece. With programming, you will create a new program out of nothing. Because of this, you must be fearless when it comes to experimentation and creativity.

Many coders will say that there is only one correct way to write code; however, that is not true. Just like there is not one right way to cook a meatloaf, paint a picture or sing a song, there are many ways to write code for your program. Be willing to step outside of the box and experiment with code.

Unless you use creativity, you will develop programming tunnel vision and may experience the same problems every time you write code. When you continue in this manner, programming becomes boring. Programming tools can help you become a better coder and help make your job easier.

Self Drive Is A Must

In order to be an effective programmer, you must be self-driven. Because programming is repetitive, you can become bored with your job. If you have no ambition, you can find yourself miserable.

Because programming requires a certain amount of creativity, you must learn to harness your motivation from within. You must enjoy the act of creating code just as much as producing the final product. If you do not enjoy creating code, you will find the job of a programmer dull and never finish your project.

The best job is one that you feel excited about. If you do not wake up eager to work on your project, your job choice may not be the right one. Here is a good infographic from AMSource Technology on how to succeed.

You Must Enjoy Figuring Out Problems Logically

Although programming is a creative art form, you will constantly be looking for solutions to coding problems. The issues that arise when programming are almost always solved by using logic.

Correcting problems with programming is called debugging. This is an essential part of the programming process. Do you like to solve riddles? Do you enjoy repairing items that are broken? Are you naturally inquisitive about how things work? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, programming may be the perfect job for you. If you answer no to these questions, you may want to look for a different career.

Programmers say that one of the most rewarding parts of programming is fixing bugs. In fact, the top programmers say that they prefer a complicated debugging issue because it allows them to stretch their imagination and use all of their coding prowess. If you do not enjoy the challenge of solving problems, a programming career will only be frustrating.

Long Periods of Sitting

Because of the nature of programming, you will sit at a computer for long periods of time. Although there are some great standing desks, you will still be in front of the computer most of your days.

Because programming can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, you should be aware of the health issues associated with programming and other computer related jobs, including weight gain and stress. Programmers often need to deal with lapses in productivity, unwanted distractions and even cabin fever.

You must enjoy sitting in front of the computer most of your day. The best programmers actually love spending time with computers more than spending time with people. Unless you enjoy working on a computer, you will end up hating your job.

No Normal Work Hours

Programmers either work for themselves or for someone else. Whichever type of programmer you are, you will probably have long coding sessions that may last late into the night.

Because software development runs on deadlines, you can end up pulling long hours as the deadline nears. Many coders work for days on end to ensure their programming is ready for the market before their competitors. If you are going to have a career in programming, you must be willing to work a lot of hours to stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, if you run into a bug or programming problem, you will probably spend days thinking of solutions. This can affect your relationships with your friends and family if you do learn how to interact with others while working on a solution. In fact, enjoying some downtime is a great way to solve problems. By getting your mind off of the issue for a while, you can approach it with a fresh perspective when you go back to work.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when thinking about a career in programming. Programming requires creativity and logic. Programmers often spend hours working on solutions to coding problems. If the examples listed above seem overwhelming, then a career in programmer may not be the best choice for you.